What Type of Business Would Benefit from our Waterproof Paper?

Unlike conventional paper, our synthetic waterproof paper does not absorb water or moisture. Even when completely submerged in water, it will retain its strength and structural integrity…. So it’s pretty much indestructible which makes it a good fit for just about anyone who wants their business cards, postcards, menus, posters, or any other type of marketing material to last for an indefinite amount of time. And don’t forget that our products are not only WATERPROOF  but also 100% RECYCLABLE. And because we print in-house we can do custom size jobs so just reach out to us with the specs and we’ll get right back to you!

We’ve been in business printing waterproof products since 2009 and currently have a pretty wide customer base. Below are some of those businesses that have taken full advantage of our waterproof products.

  • Paddleboarding Companies
  • Water Skiing Companies
  • Jet Ski Shops and Rentals
  • Surf Shops, Surf Instructors and Surf Rentals
  • Kite Boarding Companies
  • Wake Boarding Companies
  • Ski Resorts and Ski Shops
  • Dive Shops and Dive Guides
  • Kayak Shops and Kayak Guides
  • Outdoor Photographers
  • Boat Dealers and Marinas
  • Marine Shops
  • Boat Shops
  • Outdoor Excursion and Guide Companies
  • Fishing Companies
  • Bait and Tackle Shops
  • Lawn Care and Landscape Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Shops
  • Hospitals
  • Government Agencies: Army, Navy, Air Force, Veterans Affairs
  • Plumbing Companies
  • Electricians
  • Solar Companies
  • State Parks and Recreation

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