When using a blue in your design, always make sure to leave at least a 30% difference in your Cyan and Magenta values.
EXAMPLE: C-100 M-70 Y-0 K-0

To achieve a Rich black it must be composed of solid black, 100% K, with additional CMY ink values. This results in a darker tone than black ink alone.
*All small text, thin and light weight fonts that are BLACK should be made up of 100% Black and set to overprint to avoid any registration issues.

When black is printed alone as 100% K, it might not be as deep or dark as wanted. We recommend using the following CMYK mixture for a Rich Black: C 40 M 20 Y 20 K 100 (DO NOT build small text, thin lines, or light/thin fonts as rich black – see “Small Text” section above*)

First.. Set up Your Print Document

  1. Click on “File” in the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Then check “Show print bleed” Bleed lines are essential for all photos and colors that extend to the edge of the page. Due to the risk of a shift when cutting, make sure you extend the images outside of the bleed line to guarantee your document does not end up with white lines along the edges of your print.

Second… Set up your Canva artwork to include the 0.125 inch BLEED for export

  1. In Canva to make your design print-ready you need to ensure the bleed area is set up correctly.
    To do this, spread any content that would run to the edge of you document outside of the artwork area – do this by dragging the borders out past the edge or bounding box of the document area.
  2. Export your Canva design with crop marks and bleeds
    Select the “Download” icon on the top bar (right); from the pull down menu select the file type to be “PDF Print” and check the box for “Crop marks and bleed“, then click the “Download” button.

Unfortunately, this is not possible to do on Canva. Canva is an online editor and they only use the RGB color profiles so when files are downloaded they will download in RGB color mode. In order for us to print we will need to convert your file into CMYK color mode. Depending on the complexity of this it might incur an additional charge. **Please note that when color mode settings are changed, colors may shift in values and look different when printed.

  • Learn how to make your Publisher file compatible with our printing specifications (Press Ready File). Click Here!