Since 2009, Waterproof-cards.com (a division of The VAULT) has been able to directly service a specific niche of the printing industry with our eco-friendly materials and specialized printing. We’ve invested an extensive amount of time in our product development, so that we could provide our customers with a specialized product that would perform as intended. The waterproof cards outcome has been overwhelming with positive reviews. Our aim is to become the leader in the waterproof printing industry.


“Our aim is to become the leader in the waterproof printing industry.”
 Our Product It’s definitely considered a unique paper constructed of special materials that make it 100% waterproof, 100% recyclable, 100% tree-free, stain-resistant, and yes tear-resistant. We provide high quality full color process printing (color picture quality) on heavy weight bright white 111Lb (10mil) or 166Lb (14mil) cover and as an option bright white 91Lb (5mil) text for our waterproof flyers and mini-posters.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with our product or services, let us know and we’ll do what we can to make things right. At waterproof-cards.com, your satisfaction is our main goal.

Why Waterproof-Cards.com

It all started because of our Passion, Dedication, and the Responsibility towards the Environment. We strongly believe in protecting the environment and we are always recycling, so it only made sense that our waterproof product would fit into this model. Why a waterproof product? Because we wanted to offer our customers something different that would last outdoors. It was a way for us to stay attached the the outdoors – we are always around water or in the woods! – surfing, mountain biking, hiking, or just hanging out by a lake.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue exceeding customer expectations while regarding the environment; not only by offering a quality waterproof and environmental product, but through our responsive and personalized customer service.

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  • I have a customer in the water well pumping business looking for water proof business cards. One use would be to attach the card to a well, in the outside elements, with the objective of lasting for years. He was looking for plastic cards but I was intrigued by your product. Would the above description work with your business cards?

    Richard Tucker

    1. We have conducted internal tests for an extended period of two weeks by having the product exposed to the elements. Our tests showed no effect on either the product or the ink fading or peeling off. The product itself will last indefinitely in the outdoors but the ink is not a UV (Ultraviolet) resistant ink. Which means that it will fade with time. The rate at which it will fade depends on several factors such as the color hues used and how much direct sun light it will be exposed to. I know you’ve mentioned Plastic cards and you will still have the same issues with the color on those. In order to make the colors last they should be printed with a UV resistant ink and these are usually used in the screen printing industries or sign companies with UV Inkjet printers (usually last up to 5 years).

      Thanks for contacting us and let me know if you have any other questions!

      The Waterproof Cards Team

  • I am interested in finding a printer who could print a how-to manual on waterproof paper that can also be written on. Military manuals are published on this kind of paper. I don’t want Rite in the Rain paper. Are you able to do something along these lines? The manual could be in the form of a large-ringed binder and wouldn’t have to be bound like a typical soft cover book. Thanks so much for your input.

    1. Hi Sharon,

      We can print your manuals and yes our paper can be writable depending on what you use. Sharpie Ultra Fine Points work the best on both printed or non-printed areas. Pencil can be used in white areas easily and most ball point pens (depends on the ink). Rollerballs will not work because the ink smears. We do not use Rite in the Rain paper and we’ve never even heard of it. Our paper is a special paper that is recyclable, waterproof, stain resistant, and even tear resistant.

      I’d be glad to send you some sample cards so that you can test on.

      To quote on your job I’d need to know the following information:
      1. How many pages
      2. Final Size
      3. Single or double sided pages
      4. How many binders will be produced
      5. Are you needing slip-in covers for the binders (front, back, spine, or all)

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