One More Sustainable Program by LOCAL

At Local they’re always looking for ways to build their sustainable program. One thing they do to reduce their carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels is to drive alternative-energy fueled vehicles. So far Local’s fleet includes the Earth Ambulance, their deliver van, and the Turbo Veggie, an old school Mercedes Benz used for business trips. Both are powered by recycled restaurant vegetable oil. But, the veggie oil recycle program is only one kind of alternative vehicle, so for the past month, they’ve been searching for an electric vehicle to add to the eco-fleet.

The proposal: a solar powered golf cart for jaunts down to the grocery store, or checking the waves, or strolling main street. And, all on the power of the sun?! But, before we’d invest any time and effort into this sustainable vehicle project, we had to take it for a test run to ensure the cart’s driving performance would uphold to Local’s strict standards for alternative tranportation.

Nice going LOCAL!

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