Caring and Raising Awareness for our Oceans

Mermaid Melissa LLC

Saving The World's Oceans

Mermaid Melissa LLC is involved with several charities and events to raise awareness for the ocean and even had the opportunity to work for the gulf coast clean up project. Their next goal is to produce a public service announcement about ocean pollution where a girl is on a beach and a newspaper with devastating environmental headlines is flipping in the wind, mentioning the terrible conditions of our ocean. The girl is obviously emotional about the beach conditions and the newspapers article describing the extinction of whales and dolphins. Next, the camera pans wide and reveals it is actually a mermaid covered in oil and not just a girl. The tag-lines would be, “we can’t let our dolphins become just another myth” or “if we lose our oceans, we lose more than just our imagination…”

Mermaid Melissa Oil Spill

“We are passionate about our beautiful planet, education and bringing those two passions together and our commitment is a lifestyle. I hope these small but genuine attempts at making this world a better place will be recognized as I aspire to become an ambassador for our oceans.”

Mermaid Melisa

About Mermaid Melissa

“I have spent my entire life around the water, dreaming of being able to connect on a deeper level with the ocean. Growing up off the coast of Saint Augustine, Florida visiting Marineland weekly as a child, raised on a farm, tending to the animals, -it seems only natural that I would end up in a career field that also lets me live out my passions of being around the creatures of the sea. Over the next several years I worked with a variety of animals for Universal Studios Animal Actors Show, on the set of movies, & a promotional model in LA. In 2005 I began my career at Sea World Orlando as an animal trainer working with killer whales, dolphins, and as professional pearl diver. The abilities perfected in the water started the nick name “Mermaid Melissa” because of my 4:18 breath hold, dolphin kick as I swam, and for being creative with new movements swimming in front of the crowds. Since my experience has grown leaps and bounds with traveling worldwide for projects and companies, the unique skills as a mermaid continue to grow.”

  • 4:18 breath hold
  • Hands on with killer whales, dolphins & other creatures of the ocean has given her a unique understanding that she would like to share as, Mermaid Melissa.
  • Known as “A Real Life Mermaid” Featured in the 2011 spring issue 14 of FAE Magazine
  • Current winner and environmental spokes person for, “Acting Outlaws” celebrity organization to help with the gulf oil spill clean up and preservation of our ocean.
  • Environmental columnist for “Mermaids & Mythology” Publication


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