A Mermaid with the coolest business calling card!

As a business mermaid, it seems only natural that Melissa The Mermaid would seek out the ECO Friendly products of waterproof-cards.com.

Hired for fundraisers, charity events, private parties, conventions, birthday day parties, and shows for aquariums worldwide. Melissa uses these custom cards to hand out everywhere in and out of the water.
From public speaking on saving our oceans, speaking with children in school functions, attending a benefit, or doing a documentary or tv special on her underwater skills. The valuable card is her creative tool, leaving a lasting beautiful card impression. This Melissa says, helps showcases a visual theme of fantasy and mythical underwater mermaid performances that her company strives to evolve and perfect.

Watch the video link below to see how even after submerged hours underwater, the waterproof-cards are still holding up & safe for the environment!


Video of a Mermaid’s Business card:


Mermaid Melissa uses waterproof business cards to launch her mermaid business with a creative way to self promote. To keep customers and clients coming back, she created a memorable pitch and clever advertising, using waterproof-cards.com ECO friendly products.


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