Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act

Great bill and hopefully it will go through! “Protect and restore our water resources while providing Americans with thousands of green jobs, energy savings and better health and well-being” what more can we ask for?

Please read on and participate in the Surfrider’s action alert and send your Congressional leaders a letter urging them to co-sponsor the Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act.
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The Green Infrastructure for Clean Water Act promotes the use of these multi-beneficial methods by making green infrastructure a national priority. The bill establishes “Centers of Excellence” for green infrastructure that will provide critical research and information coordination services. It will establish a green infrastructure program within the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Water to promote the use of green infrastructure and provide technical assistance to states, local governments, and the private sector. Most importantly, the bill will provide communities with the resources they need to implement green infrastructure projects on the ground, improving the lives of their residents.

To learn more about Green Infrastructure visit EPA’s website or this previous blog posting on this bill.



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