Waterproof-Cards.com and the Vault are distributors for NORWOOD™ and BIC® GRAPHIC. We’ve selected these companies because of their reputation, quality, and commitment to offer the best in the market. They stand behind their products and offer outstanding customer satisfaction.

On this site we will concentrate only on the ECO products for both suppliers. But, we do offer all products available on both sites. Please click below on each respective link to view all the available products and pricing.

Featured Item for FEBRUARY:

BIC® GRAPHIC Ecolutions Line
The Following Items are included in this line:

  1. Sticky Notes
    Adhesive and Non-Adhesive Scratch Pads, Adhesive Cubes,
  2. Writing Instruments
    BIC Click, BIC Clear Clics, BIC Clear Clicks Gold, BIC Clic Gold, BIC Ecolutions Clic Stic, BIC Ecolutions Widebody, BIC Ecolutions Evolution Pencil, BIC Ecolutions Round Stic, BIC Ecolutions Tri-Stic, BIC  Tri-Stic Widebody Grip
  3. Combo Packs Pen + Sticky Note Pad Combinations
  4. Mouse Pads
  5. Magnets
  6. Notebooks

NORWOOD™ goingreen LineThe Following Items are included in this line:

  1. Keychains, Flashlights, and Tire Guages
  2. Writing Instruments and Notebooks
  3. Drinkware
  4. Lanyards
  5. Awards
  6. Totes


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